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Orin Bentley, Certified Swim Instructor

I have been swimming all my life and began competitive swimming at the age of seven. I have continued as a competitive swimmer most of my life. I was captain of my high school team and earned a college swim scholarship. 

While growing up my dad taught swim lessons and I started teaching with him at the Betty Tyler Swim School in Brattleboro Vermont at age 13. This is where I developed my foundation for teaching people how to swim and swim better. I then taught lessons and coached age group swimming all throughout high school and became a certified lifeguard and WSI certified for the first time. 

I returned to coaching and teaching swimming About 10 years ago and have been at it ever since. Most recently I was the Aquatics Director at a YMCA where I not only manage the entire swim program but taught lessons myself as well. I am currently a competitive swim coach for age group swimmers and Ida B Wells high school.

I have taught three-year-old’s to swim and coached high school swimmers to Division I scholarships. I’ve also coached swimmers at ages 40-65 to manny Pacific Master Swimming awards. I have also taught adults with no experience in the water at all how to swim.
In short I have fast experience working with swimmers of all types, all levels of experience, and all ages.

Simply put I can help anyone improve their swimming!